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"We arrived at the car park next to Silbury Hill after an afternoon drive from London peppered by intermittent torrential showers. It was raining again, the worst storm of the day. We parked facing straight onto the western flank of the hill and watched in awe. Awestruck by the ferocity of the rain, which was turning the car park into a lake as the water drained from the A4, and by the sheer madness of Silbury Hill. I'd been there before, even climbed to the top where you can play a game of cricket if you don't mind a long walk to retrieve the ball after a boundary. But Theo had only seen pictures, and the reality of a 130 foot high manmade mound of chalk and earth is something else." - phil


Silbury Hill is currently under threat from the collapse of 19th Century archeological tunnels:
see English Heritage
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