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To truly know the light, one must first know true darkness.
My best revenge is knowing that I am happier now, in this moment, than my aggressors will ever be. What happened is only details. What matters is not avoiding risk, avoiding trust, but how you react to the situations that confront you.
Transform hate. Transform pain. Transform rage. Feel them as intensely as you can. Cry hard and swim. But when survival is assured, you have to learn to live again. Transform. Evolve.
In my last times of healing, one day I wrote this:

"It's over.

Stop. Now. Finished. Over.

Stop. Now. Finished .GET OUT. I will not allow this again. Stop Now Finished Over. Get Out. I was so young. I was so so so...and I trusted. I trusted. And I will no longer allow this.No. Stop. Now. Finished. Over. I will not let you punish me for trusting you. No. Stop. Now. Finished. Over. I was always stronger than you. I was always bigger than I thought I was. I. Always. Knew. Exactly. What. Was. Going. On. Stop. Now. Finished. Over. I celebrate this. I celebrate this because this is the last time. This is the last time. This is the last time.

Now. Stop. Finished. Over.

Now. Stop. Finished. Over. I can feel it. I can feel you holding on as tight as you can inside my head. Hiding. Hiding from this. Hiding from me. Hiding from the light. I will no longer be denied every moment. This moment. Everything. Always. Mine. Joy. Total. Totality. Unreasonable Happiness. Unreasonable joy.

Now Stop Finished Over.

Nowstopfinishedover. Feel it. Feel it build. This is the final exorcism of your imprint, of your fingerprints inside my head, inside my heart, now. Stop. Finished. Over. Going. Fading. Going. Gone. There is no escape from this. There is no choice. It was always going to be this way. And this is it. This is the healing. This is the end of it. And the pain feels good. And I never ever thought. The pain feels this good. And inside. Inside. Inside I am crying, I am laughing, I am six, I am eight, I am eleven, I am thirteen, I am seventeen, I am nineteen, I am all. I am everything. We are One now. We are reunited. And we can see the light. It's a brand new day. It is a brand new moment. It is the end. It is over. This is the end. Turn. Walk away. You always knew. You always knew it would end this way. Reunited. You kept us apart for so long. And this is it. This is the truth I have searched for. You could never stop me believing in this moment. I still can't quite believe it is here. Fading, bleached by light. Fire. Burnt away by energy.

Healed. Now. Stop. Here. Finished. Gone. Over.
Over. Over. Over you. Over this. Over the brow. On top of the mountain. The light is so bright it hurts my eyes. It hurts. It hurts my hands, it hurts inside. It hurts my heart. And it feels so good. Whispering. Whispering to every part of me. To every one of me. To the past that never was. To the future that doesn't exist. So bright. So new. It's a whole new world.

Now. Stop. Finished. Over. Begin."

...and after, all around me, around us, there was only Light...

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