cybertigger spirit

We are of a lost, disenfranchised, disenchanted generation.
We have no one culture, no group identity. We have no safety net. We come into this life, we are reborn into adulthood, and we feel alone.
You have been told this before...

You have not been told everything. Open your mind.

...This is what I know...

All matter is energy.
All matter absorbs, transforms and emits energy. All energy comes as a gift from the universe. You can learn to accept, channel and evolve within that flow. Energy is infinite; we are infinite. Give your love, your energy, without end, and you will receive beyond need. We are born from stars, thus we are all star seeds. We need to remember this. We need to heal ourselves and our world.

This is an important time.
You are important. Who do you want to be when chaos arrives? What do you want to tell your children when they ask you if you took a stand? If there is something wrong with your world, why aren't you doing something about it?

Here. Now. Open your mind.
Become the person you always were. Let your soul fly. Let go of your past, it is gone. Let go of your future, it may never exist. You are one thing, in one place, in one time. The time is here and the place is now.

Life is a dance.
Music, creation, art, laughter, joy, fun, sex, drugs: all are connecting with another soul through a benevolent universe. All are dancing; all are meditation. Dance naked every morning. Take cold showers. Hug trees (they hug back). Scream. Explore tantric sex. Climb anything. Go awol. Spend your wages on presents for those you love. Do anything, but do it spontaneously. Follow your intuition. You know what you want. You already know where your gateway lies.

If you feel fear, feel intensely...
but do it anyway. Be reborn as a child of light, become a peace warrior; fight for love and what you know to be right. Take the boundaries from your existence and you will have no limits.

Are you ready?
Have you searched for 'meaning'; long enough? You already know all the answers. Hurry. If you are not unreasonably happy right here and right now, then you never will be.

All things are one.
We are all part of one thing. Some call this the Tao. There is only one moment. No past. No future. One eternal moment.

We are Here. We are Now. We are One.
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