cybertigger politics

The tyranny of small minds has gone on too long.

You have told us that there is no alternative to the situation we are in.
You have told us that hunger, pillage, crime and theft are a part of life.
You have told us that revolutions are neccessarily violent.
You have told us that our planet cannot support us without your help.
You have told us that we cannot survive without your government.
You have told us that the best we can do is cope, quietly; subsist in the horror and look after ourselves.
You have justified this in the name of Science, Economics and Progress.
And yet we dream.

You have told us what to eat, how to work, how to raise our children, who and how to love, and how to have fun.
We remember Section 28, we remember the Criminal Justice Act, we remember Section 60, we remember the Misuse of Drugs Act, we remember the sanctions, the 'trade' agreements: we remember it all.
And yet we dream.

When we protest, you have faced us with batons, with tear gas, with capsicum spray, with riot shields, even with bullets.

And yet we dream.
And this is our dream:

We see a world where government is devolved to the smallest of communities.
We see a world where those communities produce their own goods, police their own state, create their own power, educate their own children, and yet choose to help support those less fortunate than themselves. Communities linked by the information superstructure you have let us build.
We see a world built on LETS, on truly free trade, on working to consume fewer resources, not more, on making as little impact on the environment and the resources of others as possible.
We see a world without financial institutions, without the World Trade Organisation, without international business giants, without armies, without borders; a world of global cooperation, not a world of global capitalism.
We see a world where we will not need your 'government' anymore.
And how is this possible?

Our evidence is the evidence of our own lives, of our own eyes and ears, our loves and fights and our general ability to govern ourselves.
For we see further than you: we see humanity struggle to evolve, to mature; we see humanity as a planet of individuals slowly learning to hope for harmony.
As a great man once said: it is a simple choice, between fear and love, and we choose increasingly to trust love.
But will we win?

In the end, we have to, if we wish to survive. evolution, you see, is not survival of the strongest, but of the fittest: of those most adapted to the only currently inescapable system: the planet.
But some of us are commited to helping this viral dream spread, despite you.
And when we face the batons, tear gas, capsicum spray, riot shields and bullets with smiles, with love, with laughter, with dancing and still do not back down, do not give up, do not give in; the dream spreads ever faster.
Because we know how people will choose.

And it is they, not us, that will start the revolution.
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