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The Babylon Project is a discordian anarchist group i have been known to be in collusion with. Visit them at


"We are all awaiting the fall of that foul beast ‘BABULUS REX’ and we all expect that current trends continuing the flatulent fiend will imexplode within our current material plane lifetimes. Not long ago your faithful narrator did uncover in a national broadsheet an article on The Singularity. This was some scientist who studied the patterns and cycles of living systems who had been tinkering with the Dow-Jones economic index. Cos our activity makes it, it’s a living system. He found a singularity in the first half of the 21st century. This is when a system spins so far out of equilibrium that whoppee it goes chaotic for a while before reorganising on another level. He did this with the population index, and found a similarly dated event (2035). The journalist happily theorised we might meet aliens, meld with computers or generally encounter / have happen to us something strange and world overturning of the ‘what the fuck is going on’ variety. The scientist also said that every new technological development speeds the process up (exponential you see).

aka the Fall of Babylon. It is the path up to, but not including, The Singularity, which this project shall tread." - Authorisation Code
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