The thank you page

- Long Service Award: Barclay and Wendy, Caz and Steve, Bart, Sean, Nick and Baby Theo, for making it to all three
- Barclay and Wendy: our priest and priestess at I and II
- Caz and Steve: facilities, environmental impact limitation and refreshments at I, and a 50th birthday party for the venue of II
- Mikey, Ting, Bart, Barclay and J10: wonderful sounds at I
- Steve: magical lights for I
- Bart: minder of Baby Theo for I, II, and III
- Nick: the willow wand for I and II, and camera juggling at III
- Sean and Nic: baking cakes for the altar for I
- Sean: altar arranger at II, tigger herding and enthusiastic rite volunteer for III
- Felix: another rite volunteer for III
- Grommet: driving duties for I
- Reuben: setting the treeclimbing record at I
- Rob and Rob: stick pointing silliness at I
- Bea: flowers for II and III, and more photos of III
- Rob M: photos of III again
- Lisa: video of III
- Mike: flowers for I
- Bobcat and Greywolf: our priest and priestess at III
- the BDO: for making us all feel welcome at III
- unidentified fellow handfastees: for making a lovely couple at III, and going first
- Zaza: for her blessing
- Theo's Dad: for leaving a bunch of crazy hippies to it
- everybody who was there for any of them, and for all your gifts and good wishes
- all the tiggers, most of whom have been named individually above, for being the fluffiest bounciest bunch of friends
- the gods, goddesses, ancestors, spirits of three beautiful places, and the Tao itself for smiling on us thrice and always

"Yet will I always be your true friend,
To love and cherish you through all lifetimes,
Beyond the imaginable reaches of time and knowledge."

Theo & Phil