" In the name of the Triple-Goddess
I pledge you my troth.
For even though our paths may later diverge,
Yet will I always be your true friend,
To love and cherish you through all lifetimes,
Beyond the imaginable reaches of time and knowledge. "

2000   2001   2002

A handfasting is a pagan wedding drawing heavily on Celtic rituals. Our first handfasting took place on 21st-22nd June 2000 at the end of the longest day of the year. The ceremony itself started at about 12.30am on the 22nd and the party carried on beyond the dawn. the rite we used was one of the common Wiccan ceremonies, adapted to our own beliefs.

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Our second handfasting took place on 23rd June 2001. This time, we held the ceremony at about 1pm in the lovely garden of our friends Caz and Steve. Barclay and Wendy again fulfilled the roles of priest and priestess to perfection. The rite remained the same.

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Our third and final handfasting took place on 23rd June 2002. We always wanted the last one to be held in a stone circle, and The British Druid Order were offering handfastings at their midsummer Gorsedd, to be held at Stonehenge at dawn. The rite used was thus that of the British Druid Order, with our own vows, and the all important tying of the knot in the handfasting cord to make the rite eternal.

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Our heartfelt thanks go out to all who helped make the handfastings so special.
changeling@faeryshamen.co.uk / phil@drbob.co.uk

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