cybertigger play


a fwuffy, bouncy, sparkling tigger, that makes and plays tunes, and likes poetigger best of all.
overheard to say:
Said the General of the Army
I think war is barmy
So he threw away his gun
And now he's having much more fun

a very special tigger, likes dancing barefoot, having his toenails painted, champagne and strawberries, and being with mistress ...tigger*
overheard to say:
... it just started raining here ... thought i should close the door ... but i went out into the garden and *bounced* barefoot instead ... and it stopped raining ... *sob* ... i was enjoying that ... but i like the sun too so that's alright ... *smile*


bartigger likes happy hardcore bounces, or any fast bouncing best. he plays choons!
overheard to say:
the going rate for 6 minidiscs is 100 hugs so, with the current state of the market, you could easily get away with raising your price

housewifetigger loves her tigger cubs best. probably a kanga in disguise ...
overheard to say:
shame cats can't wear fluro clothes but they are cheaper :-)

dadtigger works lots; and plays when he can, but that's ok. dadtigger gave mistress ...tigger* all her bounces in the first place. likes being supercool best of all.
overheard to say:
I could tell you about setting fire to my desk in a lesson. Even now I dissolve into hysterics at the memory. But it would be very undignified, and set a bad example to all the kiddietiggers

rainbowtigger is a very special tigger too. sometimes she has purple fur! we met in my house.
overheard to say:
My hair is all multi coloured again, YAY, blonde doesn't suit me (well I don't think so) it turned bright green, bright blue, bright pink, and yellow but think I am going to re dye the yellow bit purple cos the yellow is not bright enough :( which is a shame as I love yellow but purple's good too :)

aka miss kitty. a very busy tigger, but very fluffy (as kittens often are). likes saying *mewp* best of all.
overheard to say:
after all, whatever next? kicking off me for being too busy to post much (yet!!!!!!!)

you can't see it well here, but lynditigger is the tigger with the prettiest smile, and always sends us cybercuddles if we're ill.
overheard to say:
nah, no need for that ... the sailor's gotta be a relation to the snark - you know, a snarky sailor... besides, I'd much prefer *bouncy* mud-wrestling, with all tiggers in the ring/mudbath (:

millitigger is a tiny tigger, but his bounces are big enough for everyone. dvd is what millitigger likes best.
overheard to say:
humungus huglettes from millitigger
mistress ...tigger*

...mistress tigger...
aka the tyrant of fluff. sole moderator. her job is to make sure the playground is safe, and that the volume of bounces never falls below optimum fluff levels.
overheard to say:
... there'll be no more bounces from me until somebody (anybody) is _nice_ to me today ... *bursts into tears + goes to sulk in a corner* ...

all tiggers are bigger than they think they are, but some tiggers are just BIG. mmmtigger likes gabbabounces best of all.
overheard to say:
obviously Zena Warrior Princess lookalikes will get preference, oh and if she has on of those lovely diamonds twixt top of thigh muscle and bottom of er... torso when her legs are together I'd be barticularly thrilled.

poetigger makes the prettiest poems for us. what poetigger probably likes best is listening to tiggersparcle playing his tunes, when the tigger cubs are away.
overheard to say:
your futon goes floop?
mine's hard as boards
and twice as good for you,
tho' that's only when
it comes out of the closet.

another very bouncy tigger. another tigger with very big smiles. likes clubouncing best of all.
overheard to say:
Tantric sex...What's that all about then?


stigger likes making bubbles. he is the bubblemaster. he also likes 'pooters, mo'bikes and fixing and mending, and mo'bikes.
overheard to say:
Cybertigger is everywhere!! Kinda like Omni, and Vewy Vewy POTENT.

a very bouncy out of town tigger.
overheard to say:
well it was my newbie name, and then i started to use Dooza Promotions more, then Dooza Designs and then Dooza Lighting so I decided the Alien Observer bit wasnt needed anymore...but I was still Alien Tigger, or at but astro as @ so i decided to be The Alien Tigger or tat for short....that was a naff explanation wasnt it?

likes robots best of all.
overheard to say:
In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded.

likes sylketiggers best
overheard to say:
"in the beginning there was m*mmmt, which exploded" ?


a very smily tigger. likes huggles best of all.
overheard to say:
I just got a tigger certificate, I just got a tigger certificate, I just got a tigger certificate

back amongst us after a short absence. very helpful for ill tiggers.
overheard to say:
omigod, i just did the best mix in my life!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!

our very own butterfly tigger. likes astrotigger best of all.
overheard to say:
Who, us???? Bu-bu-but we didn't spot you at Plur, even tho' we were looking out for tiggerses, honest!!!! And my eyes were all fwuzzy, dunno why!!! 8)

another tigger who likes making things pretty. likes levertigger best of all.
overheard to say:
not allowed to hit lt on his burfday partee am i ?
not hit, no ...... :-)
thump ?

a very bouncy student tigger.
overheard to say:
i cook my own food too, "boil water, fill pot" =)

our baby-tech french tigger. likes java best of all.
overheard to say:
I am zaza tigger...
how did I get here ???
let me think...

dangerous when found in proximity to a millitigger.
overheard to say:
or possibly toupe, or at least a yellow blue kind of greeny orange with red flecks and a sort of brown undercoat with hint of turquoise, looking kind of black in a certain light - hth.

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